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Calendar of Events June 2022 for Tooele County

1 Summer Archery Nights23 Tooele Arts Festival4 Dino Days Market,
Ritz Ghost Hunt,
Tooele Arts Festival
5 Tooele Arts Festival678 Summer Archery Nights910 Tooele Valley Locals Market & Karaoke,
Fridays on Vine
11 Celebration of Culture
12 Dog Days on the lake131415 Summer Archery Nights1617 Fridays on Vine18 Grantsville City Summer & Shine
19202122 Summer Archery Nights23 Stansbury Park Market24 Jurassic Tooele ,
Fridays on Vine
25 Jurassic Tooele,
Grantsville Summer Boutique
26272829 Summer Archery Nights30

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