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Part 1- Productivity in Your Pocket Designed for #IMPACT

by Annette Anthony, VP Technology EXIT Realty Corp. International Text ENGAGE to 85377 to Connect With Me Today!

Are you finding lately that your head is on a swivel with all the distractions of tools and tech being advertised; the distraction that begs you to stop what you’re doing to pay attention? The EXIT Realty Connect app is an app that over-delivers on the promise of productivity and aligns with what today’s agent wants; to stay connected to the pulse of what runs a successful real estate business. Just a heads up, this is quite a bit of conversation for a single sitting. I’ll break this in a two-part series to take in the non-negotiables that make this app superior when it comes to being a “connected” real estate professional.

Connected to their Brand – the EXIT Realty Connect app recognizes each agent as an individual and as such, the app is branded to them. This is a much different focus from other corporate apps. Many others focus on the brand and not the individual agent. At EXIT Realty, when agents are demonstrating or sharing their app it is branded to them; their photo, and complete contact information. This branding is also displayed front and center throughout the app. This is another example of how we are laser-focused on our most invaluable asset of the organization, our agents.

Connected to their Leads – Real estate agents want control of the leads that they generate to enable quick conversion. The EXIT Realty Connect app helps our agents generate leads on the fly and even while they sleep! Notifications are prominently shown on the home screen so that agents can respond quickly. Easy navigation means agents can tap on the lead, update the contact information and call, text or email their leads. Best of all, all leads generated using EXIT’s technology and resources are free to the agent. No additional percentage is taken off of any resulting transaction by EXIT Realty Corp. International because it was generated using EXIT’s technology.

Connected to their Office Roster and Global Directory- One of our pillars at EXIT is Culture. To help encourage a culture that is sharing, caring and collaborative, agents can easily reach out to one another within their office. It’s only one-touch to email, text or call each other, OR you can easily download complete contact information into the contacts of your phone for later. We even provide a complete company directory of all of our offices throughout North America because we know the importance of referrals. Here, agents can refer buyers, sellers or potential agents to EXIT offices or connect directly with agents in our network.

That’s not all- there’s more. Check out my part 2 for a wrap on other invaluable features the EXIT Realty Connect app includes. What are you using that helps you succeed in business. I’d love to hear! We know that agents are always looking for ways to eliminate redundantly entering data and piecemealing their technologies to work together. We believe to be the solution when it comes to solving this for our Associates. You owe it to your business to take a closer look at EXIT Realty. Visit today.


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